Bean Seeds , Asparagus Red Podded 50 Seeds
Bean Seeds , Asparagus Red Podded 50 Seeds

Bean Seeds , Asparagus Red Podded 50 Seeds

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Exotic long beans delicious up to 24” long.
Cooks Garden Favorite. Tender is the bean. Exotic, crisp and tasty red-podded beans will grow up to 24” long, but are their tender, best selves at 12” long. Asian tropical climbing annual is a beauty, too: offering a stunning contrast of red pods against bright green foliage.
  • Because beans are members of the legume family of plants, they can benefit from an application of a soil inoculant designed for beans and peas, prior to planting. The inoculant will enable the plants to take nitrogen from the air to use as fertilizer, which can increase crop yield and quality.
  • Sow in average soil in a sunny location after danger of frost and soil has warmed, from spring to early summer. Sow after the soil has warmed, as seeds may rot in cooler soils.
  • Coat untreated seed with an inoculant.
  • Sow in rows 24 inches apart. Sow seeds 3 inches apart and cover with 2 inches of fine soil. Firm lightly and water gently.
  • Seedlings emerge in 10-14 days depending on soil and weather conditions.
  • Keep sowing bean seeds every 2 weeks for a constant supply of beans.
  • Thin gradually to stand 12 inches apart when seedlings are 1-2 inches high.

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